Am I sufficiently protected?

See how we can make it a lot easier for you to keep your head above water with our fully protected mortgage.

Who knows what stormy weather may be ahead or what hazards we may face? We make all sorts of other plans and provisions and waste no time in protecting our physical assets like mobile phones and even our holidays – but what about us? We kid ourselves that nothing will ever happen to us but would you go to sea without a lifejacket?

Living Room - Building & Contents Insurance
Building & Contents

Need Buildings & Contents Insurance? Whether for your own home or if you are a landlord, we have a policy to suit your needs. We offer our Buildings & Contents Insurance through Home in One, click here for details.

Curriculum Vitae - Unemployment Cover
Unemployment Cover

How can I balance my books until I get back on my feet? Gain peace of mind that you will still be able to pay your mortgage and bills in the event of involuntary redundancy.

Happy Family - Life Cover
Life Cover

What about the future for me and my family? We should always review our protection portfolio when any life-changing event takes place. Discuss your protection needs and assist you to plan today, for tomorrow.

Money in Hands - Long Term Income Replacement
Long Term Income Replacement

Why do I need to protect my income? Because sometimes a lifestyle change is forced upon us. How many of us would plan to live life on a reduced income? How would you bridge the gap?

Caring Friends - Critical Illness Insurance
Critical Illness

It'll never happen to me...will it? Life expectancy in the UK has increased but what if we were to be diagnosed with a serious illness? What of your financial commitments? How would you meet them?